Saturday, January 31, 2015

Keep writing

Just noticed this post on Goodreads. For the writers who glance at my blog: quotes on beating back writer's block. At times, I argue that writer's block doesn't really exist, so perhaps my favorite quote here is Chuck Wendig's "I shove it out of the way and keep writing." But I suppose the main thing I do in order to keep writing is what B J Novak does: I write something else that seems like pure fun. Then when I get stuck on that, the first thing I was working on seems magically more appealing..."

If you do read this short post and link above and feel like commenting, you're more than welcome to, dear reader. Would love to hear your thoughts and advice on keeping on writing and beating back all the countless odds and ends that try to stop one from writing.

Now, to take a look at the fantasy narrative sketch I've been secretly working on in response to that previously mentioned exercise 7 (yes, there is also a weird sci-fi possibly horror one in response to that which is also still in the works). Be back later.

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