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Puff a Golem Up for Drudgery, a fantasy short story about the application of golems among royalty and their overworked lasses and lads available in the anthology Triangulation: Seven-Day Weekend, July 2023 (order from Amazon)

Build Another Nest for Phantom Feathers, a near future SF/avian fantasy short story (loose sequel to Stoneshaper Tanukis Estranged), available in the Clamour and Mischief anthology, November 2022 (order from publisher or order from Amazon)

- Don't Trust Molters, an SF short story looking at a colony and its engagement with the local aliens, available in DreamForge Magazine (2022, Print Issue 10 at and Anvil Issue 8 at

- Stoneshaper Tanukis Estranged, a near future furry fantasy short story focused on tanukis and foxes struggling through parent-child estrangement, available in the anthology Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging - Volume Blue, December 2021 (order direct from publisher or order from Amazon)

- Memo from the Jolly Overlords, a dark fantasy horror flash fiction about how brutal work is for the holiday elves, published with audio narration in the Weird Christmas Podcast 2020 Flash Fiction Contest episode (December 2020,


- Choose a Star to Mend the Heart, exploring friendship in the far reaches of the universe, in Tales and Feathers Magazine, scheduled for publication in late 2023 (Issue 1 stories here!)

- The Healing Moment Assigned by HR Central Stacks, an SF story (with elements of adventure fantasy) in DreamForge Magazine, forthcoming late 2023 


- Writers of the Future contest, semi-finalist, 2021 Q4

- University of Oregon Kidd Prize, 3rd place for fiction, 2005

Enjoy the stories!

Many more to come.
A bird at one with the branches and leaves of their nest.

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