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Hi there. I'm an emerging author with a wide range of tastes. My writing has a helping of the weird and literary, though I generally range through SF, fantasy, supernatural, and horror.

This blog is primarily a home for my list of submission opportunities for creative work. I patch it together to help motivate myself to submit more of my own work. I found it beneficial for my fellow authors and friends, so I figured I should share it with anyone who might find use out of it. I also post reviews here and on Goodreads. I may share updates on my endeavors, too.

Originally from Corvallis, Oregon, USA, I still have a very fond spot in my heart for that part of the world. But for nearly two decades, I've lived in Japan, where I've dabbled as teacher, proofreader, voice actor, and DJ. Now I teach a range of ages and levels freelance, trying to make everything work together enough to survive the fragile state of the world's job market. I especially enjoy having time to relax with my kids on the weekend and pursue my creative goals.

My love of fiction and poetry originates with me as that quiet kid scribbling maps and art and strange words into notebooks, or walking down the sidewalk with a paperback plastered to his face. I won a grand prize essay contest as a kid. In college, I won 3rd place for fiction in the KIDD contest at the University of Oregon for an English-Japanese short story (2005).

I love making big silly goals to motivate myself. 2020 was all about hitting 100 rejections, 2021 was all about hitting 150 rejections and submit to everything on my list, etc., etc. 2022 proved a more awkward beast but passed 100 with some semi-secret noveling on the side. 2023 just about reached 100 rejections and it's only April (nearly 60 pieces pending in markets as I update this entry).

While I continue to push for more publications and contest wins, I'll be gradually getting my novels back in shape for agents and a long-term career.

Thanks for stopping by. Do give my stories a read and let me know what you think.

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