Where to submit creative work?

Deadlines! Submission windows! Publications open for creative work! Default is prose fiction (flash, short stories, novelettes) but the lists include novellas, novel excerpts, poetry, nonfiction, art, comics, and more. Sections 1-2 contain those paying higher rates (5¢/word or above, the HWA pro rate). Sections 3-4 contain lower rates (1-4¢/word). Following that, two seldom used sections (one for those paying royalties or advances, and another section for no pay opportunities), as well as final sections offering links for further market research, writing advice, and workshops.

Listings generally follow this format:
deadline/window date (time, if known), name (of publication/contest/story call), word count, pay, genre(s), theme(s), reprint NO/OK, simultaneous NO/OK, multiple NO/OK, any other types welcome (poetry, comics, nonfiction), limited (if the listing is restricted to specific authors/identities/groups), AI NO/OK, details for submitting (if anonymous sub needed, editor name, submission formats, email for submitting, etc.), clickable link to website or submission portal

I hope it helps! Feel free to comment or message me with any feedback.


Latest update: 2/18/2024 9:55 PM JST)*

*Hope the creative work and submissions are going well! I'll update as I can, but also do check out the links at the end to discover more places to sub your work*

Table of Contents

1. Deadlines or windows that pay 5¢/word or more

2. Publications that are generally open and pay 5¢/word or more

3. Deadlines and windows that pay 1-4¢/word

4. Publications that are generally open and pay 1-4¢/word

5. Publications that only pay royalties/advance

6. Publications that offer no pay

7. Search for more markets

8. Writing-related links

1. Deadlines or windows that pay 5¢/word or more

2/23 International Thriller Writers Scholarships, $1000 stipend (and a ThrillerFest pass), awarding two separate scholarships for ThrillerFest (the Fresh Perspectives Scholarship for any underrepresented author, published or unpublished, and the Undiscovered New Voices Scholarship for any unpublished author who is writing a mystery/thriller novel of 80-100k words), ThrillerFest XIX takes place 5/28-6/1 in New York City, send writing sample via application form.

2/25 Flame Tree Flash newsletter, 750-1000 words, 8 cents/word, genre: SF, theme: parallel echoes, sub to flash2023@flametreepublishing.com, https://flametr.com/submissions

2/15-2/28 (extended by one week for BIPOC writers), Apparition Lit: Mercurial, 1k-5k words, 5¢/word, poetry ok (~5 poems; $50/poem), genre: speculative, theme: mercurial, https://apparitionlit.com/submissions/

1/1-2/28, New Myths, ~10k words, 3¢/word (min payment of $50 for all submissions, so 5¢/word for up to 1000 words), genre: speculative, reprints no, sim ok, multiple no, poetry ok, nonfiction ok (book reviews of 500-1000 words, $50/review), art ok ($80), email subs to editor@newmyths.com,  https://sites.google.com/newmyths.com/newmyths-com-home/submissions

2/29, Apex Magazine (Flash Contest), ~1000 words, 8 cents/word, speculative, theme: falling skies, https://apexbookcompany.moksha.io/publication/apex-magazine-flash-fiction

2/29, Adi: Disobedience, ~5,000 words, $200 for flash fiction ~1k words ($500 for 1001-5k words), genre/theme: the past / present / future of disobedience to orthodoxies of all kinds (political doctrines to religious creeds to artistic or intellectual frameworks; stories of the rebellions, heresies, theoretical revolutions, and moments of civil disobedience that catalyze this world and alternative worlds; Adi tends toward “creative, experimental approaches to political writing, measuring the effects of policy through the intimate lives and experiences of people with a particular focus on those on the margins and in the global south”; loves: genre-bending, the absurd, work that excavates interior lives and external conflicts; work that satirizes, fabulizes, and fantasizes, that disturbs, beguiles, moves, challenges, surprises, and ignites”), translations ok, https://adimagazine.com/submissions/

2/1-3/31, Moving Across the Landscape in Search of an Idea, 1500 words (but see theme), 8¢/word, genre: any genre including poetry, theme: stories with long titles (250-600 words) and concise narratives (250-600 words) and copious footnotes / endnotes / marginalia / indices / glossaries (250-600 words), authors are welcome to shift word counts between these three parts of their submission but must stay within a range of 1500 words for the total submission (ex. a 500 word title, a 600 word narrative, and 400 words of footnotes), questions encouraged by email or DM on Twitter / Mastodon, reprints no, sim ok, multiple no, email story to info@aanpress.com, standard manuscript format (.doc or .docx, .rtf; also send a 1-paragraph bio; prefers additional layout specs: page size of letter, margins of .5”, calibri font 11 point, single spaced), http://aanpress.com/submissions.html

10/1-3/31, Terrain.org (poetry window), $50, genre: poetry (any; see website for windows re: nonfiction, fiction, artwork, videos), theme: seeking work in English / translation from around the world (”particularly Indigenous, Native, Black, Brown, and other historically marginalized and underrepresented voices as we expand our contributions on social, environmental, and climate justice and other contributions on place, climate, and justice”), reprints no, sim ok, multiple ok (2-6 poems; also considers poem/image combos, online chapbooks), submit via submittable (include bio), https://www.terrain.org/submit/regular-submission-guidelines/

3/1-3/31, The Paris Review (prose window), ~40000 words, payment unknown (sources suggest up to $1000, though others list as non-paying), Genre: general/literary, reprints no, sim ok, multiple no ("do not submit more than twice/year"; opens March & September), poetry OK (no more than 6/sub, no more than twice/year; open until cap in Jan., Apr., Jul., Oct.), translations ok, 

1/1-3/31, WotF Q2, ~17000 words (generally should aim for 3000-10,000), 8¢/word, prize money (1st $1000, 2nd $750, 3rd $500, annual grand $5000; workshop and gala in Hollywood; semi-finalists get feedback), genre: F/SF (generally aimed at YA audience), note: contest for new writers w/o 4+ pro-level publications (8¢/word pro rates), has a forum with tips and basic workshop (also check out Wulf Moon's book/workshops for extra help), https://www.writersofthefuture.com/enter-writer-contest/

1/9-3/31, WSFA Small Press Award, ~17,500 words, award (a small acrylic trophy & $500 presented at the Capclave convention in the fall; finalists receive certificates), Genre/Theme: any imaginative (SF/F/H/speculative) short stories published for the first time by a small press in 2022, nominated stories (a rep of the small press can nominate 3 stories, an author may nominate 1 story published by themself or another, and a WSFA member may nominate 1 story), send nominations to the Awards Administrator at admin@wsfasmallpressaward.org, manuscripts should be anonymized without DRM in text/doc/rtf/pdf, include specified details in email (publication date, publisher, author, url, and other requirements listed on website), https://wsfasmallpressaward.org/The_Rules.php

4/1-until cap (closes fast), The Paris Review (poetry window), ~40000 words, payment unknown (sources suggest up to $1000, though others list as non-paying), Genre: general/literary, Reprints NO, Simultaneous OK, Multiple NO ("do not submit more twice/year"; open March and September), Poetry OK (no more than six/submission, sub no more than twice/year; open until cap in January, April, July, October), Translations OK, https://www.theparisreview.org/about/submissions

1/1-4/30, Psychopomp: novellas, 20k-40k words, $750 advanced and 25% of net receipts, genre: speculative, theme: various (grief, loss, afterlife / underworld, Death personified, multiverse, time travel, origin, lose sense of reality, goth, space goth, story within a story, unusual stuff personified, creepy meta-horror, ghost stories), reprints no, sim no, multiple no, sub via website portal, https://psychopomp.com/novella-guidelines/

8/16-5/14, The Georgia Review, literary, ~9000 words, $50/page (up to $800), poetry OK ($4/line), note: submissions fee required unless subscribed, https://thegeorgiareview.com/submit/

5/31, Escape Pod, 1500-6000 words, 8¢/word, Genre/Theme: any SF (prefers high clarity/pacing to match their audio format; prefers a ray of hope even in darker stories), Reprints OK (1500-7500 words, $100), Simultaneous NO, Multiple NO, anonymous submissions, https://escapeartists.moksha.io/publication/escape-pod/guidelines

5/1-6/15, Dracula Beyond Stoker (Issue 5: Lucy’s Suitors - Quincey, Jack, and/or Arthur), 1500-5000 words, 5¢/word, genre/theme: any fiction based on Stoker’s characters and tied to issue 4's theme of the brides of dracula (likes stories that "feel like they could be canon" but also likes "fun alternate takes and pastiche"; open to prequels, sequels, updates, divergent timelines, etc.), reprints ok (should be at least 10 years old, $55), sim ok, multiple no (?), poetry ok ("not necessarily sought" but will be a poetry issue in the future), email doc/docx/rtf in shunn classic to submissions@draculabeyondstoker.com (include short 3rd-person bio and subject line should be “lastname_title_brides” or “lastname_title_suitors”, https://www.dbspress.com/submissions

4/1-6/30, WotF Q3, ~17000 words (generally should aim for 3000-10,000), 8¢/word, prize money (1st $1000, 2nd $750, 3rd $500, annual grand $5000; workshop and gala in Hollywood; semi-finalists get feedback), genre: F/SF (generally aimed at YA audience), note: contest for new writers w/o 4+ pro-level publications (8¢/word pro rates), has a forum with tips and basic workshop (also check out Wulf Moon's book/workshops for extra help), https://www.writersofthefuture.com/enter-writer-contest/

8/1-unknown (tentative opening date), Pseudopod, ~6000 words (prefers 4500; welcomes flash under 1500), 8¢/word, Genre/Theme: any horror for audio, Reprints OK ($20 for under 1500, $100 for above), Simultaneous OK (but with disclosure, and not to another Escape Artists podcast), Multiple OK (one original and one reprint), submit via Moksha portal with only name and email in header, https://pseudopod.org/submissions/

7/1-9/30, WotF Q4, ~17000 words (generally should aim for 3000-10,000), 8¢/word, prize money (1st $1000, 2nd $750, 3rd $500, annual grand $5000; workshop and gala in Hollywood; semi-finalists get feedback), genre: F/SF (generally aimed at YA audience), note: contest for new writers w/o 4+ pro-level publications (8¢/word pro rates), has a forum with tips and basic workshop (also check out Wulf Moon's book/workshops for extra help), https://www.writersofthefuture.com/enter-writer-contest/

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2. Publications that are generally open and pay 5¢/word or more

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, ~12k words, 5-8¢/word, Genre: Mystery/Crime/Suspense /Thriller, https://www.alfredhitchcockmysterymagazine.com/contact-us/writers-guidelines/

Amazing Stories, 1k-10k words, 8¢/word, Genre: SF,   https://submission.amazingstoriesmag.com/guidelines/

Analog Science Fiction and Fact, ~20k (8-10 cents/word), 40k-80k serials (6 cents/word), poetry ($1/line), 4k-word fact articles (9¢/word), Genre: SF, Multiple OK, https://www.analogsf.com/contact-us/writers-guidelines/

Anathema: Spec from the Margins, 1500-6k words (if 1500-2k words pays 5¢/word), $100 CAD/story ($50/poem), Genre/Theme: any speculative (encourages SF/F/H/weird/slipstream/surrealism/fabulism but not limited to those genres; also interested in work that's been difficult to place because of content or perspective), Simultaneous OK, Poetry OK (under 100 lines), Non-Fiction OK (1500-3000 words), Limited: queer/two-spirit person of colour/Indigenous/Aboriginal,   https://www.anathemamag.com/submissions/

Apparition Literature, 1000-5000 words, 5¢/word, Genre: speculative (F/SF/ Horror/ Literary; wants strange, heart-breaking emotion, pro-active characters, and style), Poetry OK (~2 pages/poem; sub ~5 poems/submission, $50/poem), submit to submissions@apparitionlit.com,  https://apparitionlit.com/submissions/ *only opens during specific windows listed on their site

Apex Magazine, ~7500 words, 8 cents/word, Genre: F/SF/H, Reprints NO, Simultaneous NO, Multiple No, https://apex-magazine.com/submission-guidelines/

Abyss & Apex, ~1000 words (8¢/word), 1001-10,000 words ($80), Genre: speculative but no horror, wants good flash fiction of 1250 words or less, poetry welcome but has a different submissions window (Nov and May, listed under semi-pro), https://www.abyssapexzine.com/submissions/

Assemble Artifacts Magazine, ~40,000 words (prefers 5000 words or more), 8-10¢/words, Genre/Theme: wonder and suspense, Poetry NO, Reprints NO, Simultaneous NO, Multiple NO, will no respond in the case of rejections (assumed rejected after 3 months), submit via form with a 1-3 sentence pitch of the story and author bio, note that the contract is aimed at allowing them to produce film adaptations ("license exclusive worldwide all language first print/electronic publication, audio and media adaptation shopping rights for a term"), https://www.assemblemedia.com/artifacts

Asimov's, 1k-20k words, 8¢/word, Genre: SF/F, https://www.asimovs.com/contact-us/writers-guidelines/

Baffling Magazine, ~1200 words, 8¢/word, Genre: SF/F/Horror (especially interested in queer/trans/aro/ace; welcomes weird/slipstream/interstitial), Simultaneous OK, https://www.bafflingmag.com/submissions

Beneath Ceaseless Skies, ~15k words, 8¢/word, Genre: literary adventure fantasy (no urban fantasy and nothing modern), http://www.beneath-ceaseless-skies.com/submissions/

Boneyard Soup Magazine, 2k-6k words, 5¢/word, Genre: Horror/Dark Fantasy, Reprints OK, Non-Fiction OK, Art OK, https://www.boneyardsoup.com/submit

Cathedral Canyon Review, ~5500 words for fiction and nonfiction (~1000 words flash fiction), 8¢/word, Genre/Theme: literary, Poetry OK (3-5 submitted in the same document; $20/poem), Art OK ($25/image), Simultaneous OK, email submissions, Limited to an author or artist living in the Southwest (generally California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah) and especially interested in BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ writers, https://www.cclitmag.org/submissions 

Clarkesworld Magazine, 1k-22k words, 12¢/word, Genre: SF/F, Reprints NO, Nonfiction OK (~2500 words, 10¢/word), Art OK ($350), Simultaneous NO, Multiple NO,   http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/submissions/

Cloud Lake Literary, ~3500 words, $50 CAD/per page to a maximum of $150 CAD, Genre: fiction/creative nonfiction/poetry/child lit/YA, Limited: Canadian Writers only, https://www.cloudlakeliterary.ca/submit

Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, open 1st-2nd every month, 1000-40000 words (shorter preferred), 8¢/word (reprints 2¢/word), Genre: F/SF, Poetry ($1/line, ~40 lines, reprints 50¢/word), Articles (2-8¢/word, reprints 1-4¢/word), unedited feedback provided if requested in cover letter (fair warning before submitting here: some authors have found the feedback, editing, and publication process very rude and disrespectful, and so, I've left them off the monthly deadlines list), details at the https://cosmicrootsandeldritchshores.com/submissions/

Craft Literary, ~1000 word flash ($100), ~6000 word short fiction or nonfiction ($200), Genre: general/literary, Simultaneous OK, https://www.craftliterary.com/submit/

Cricket, ~6000 words (best = 1200-1800 & 600-900), 25 cents/word, Genre/Theme: middle grade readers (realistic contemporary fiction, historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy, folk tales, myths and legends, and humor), also seeking poetry / nonfiction / puzzles / activities / art, Note: other magazines at the link include Babybug, Ladybug, Spider, Ask, Muse, https://cricketmag.submittable.com/submit?inf_contact_key=d1cd58e4d992d4364eefcbb9541418ff680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1

X Daily Science Fiction, 100-1500 words, 8¢/word, Genre: SF/F/slipstream, will consider flash series, http://dailysciencefiction.com/submit/story/guidelines *permanently closed

X Dark Recesses (Fall Issue), 500-5000 words, 5¢/word, Genre: horror/dark fiction (genre mashing welcome), Reprints NO, Simultaneous NO, Multiple NO, Nonfiction OK (~1250 words, query first), submit in standard manuscript format (but single-spaced and no indents) to submissions@darkrecessespress.com with subject line "Fiction Submission - STORY TITLE",  http://darkrecessespress.com/submissions/ *indefinitely closed (may open again at some point in the future) 

Decoded, ~7500 words, 1-5¢/word ($25/flash, $100/short, $200/long, $75/comic, Genre/Theme: any queer SF/Fantasy/Horror, Simultaneous OK, Multiple OK (submit up to two pieces), Note: must be a queer identifying writer, https://decodedpride.com/submit/

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, 250-20k (2500-8000 best), 5-8¢/word, Genre: Mystery / Crime / Suspense / Thriller, https://www.elleryqueenmysterymagazine.com/contact-us/writers-guidelines/

Escape Pod (opens from 9/15 (12:01am ET)-5/31/2023), 1500-6000 words, 8¢/word, Genre/Theme: any SF (prefers high clarity/pacing to match their audio format; prefers a ray of hope even in darker stories), Reprints OK (1500-7500 words, $100), Simultaneous NO, Multiple NO, Anonymous Submissions, submit via moksha, https://escapepod.org/guidelines/short-fiction/

X Fantasy Magazine (general submissions), ~7500 words, 8¢/word, Genre: fantasy/dark fantasy, Poetry ($40/poem, up to 6), Reprints NO, Simultaneous NO, Multiple OK (one in each category: short, flash, poetry), anonymous submissions, always open to BIPOC authors (specific windows open occasionally for general submissions from all authors),   https://adamant.moksha.io/publication/fantasy *permanently closing

Fight the Future: An Antifascist Genre Magazine, 500-5000 words (other lengths may be considered), 10 cents/word, Genre: any, Theme: must be antifascist (seeking submissions of inspirational, aspirational, anti-fascist genre fiction; should be centered on revolutionary joy, resistance to oppression and fascism, and imagining better worlds), reprints ok, sim ok, multiple no, poetry (will be considered), sub to fightthefuture@ellijaymakerspace.org with subject line “Magazine Submission”, https://ellijaymakerspace.org/fight-the-future/ *closed to Issue 1 subs on 9/25/2023 and opened to issue 2 subs

Flame Tree Press, seeks 70k-120k word novels (SF/F/H/Crime), often announces short story anthologies (8¢/word), note that their former monthly flash contest has ended permanently,  https://www.flametreepress.com/submissions/

Flash Fiction Online (opens the 1st-21st each month or until reaches cap), 500-1000 words, 8¢/word, Genre: any, Multiple OK (up to 3 submitted at a time), Reprints OK (2¢/word), Anonymous submissions, http://flashfictiononline.com/main/submission-guidelines-flash-fiction/

Fractured Lit, 401-1000 words ($75), ~400 words ($50), Genre: general/literary, Multiple OK (up to 2 in same document), submit via Submittable with brief bio and optional cover letter, https://fracturedlit.submittable.com/submit/

Future Science Fiction Digest (UFO Publishing), 500-10,000 words, 8¢/word, Genre: SF, Note: only open to translated submissions or stories by writers for whom English is not their first language and who reside outside of primarily English-speaking countries, http://future-sf.com/submissions/

Futures (at Nature.com), 850-950 words, $130, Genre: near future/hard SF, Reprints NO, Simultaneous OK, submit as a Microsoft Word attachment to futures@nature.com, http://blogs.nature.com/futureconditional/2015/04/19/how-to-write-for-nature-futures/

Galaxy's Edge, (only opens briefly every Tuesday at midday 12 pm EST/EDT) , ~10,000 words (novelettes a harder sale), 7¢/word, Genre: SF/F (subgenres welcome, such as space opera, steampunk, urban fantasy, africanfuturism, magical realism, dark fantasy, dystopian SF, etc.), Simultaneous NO, Multiple NO, http://www.galaxysedge.com/submissions/

GrendelPress, 3000-7000 words, 5¢/word, Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror/Romance, Theme: themed anthologies will be developed as submissions are collected (current themes: Paramnesia, Monsters as MCs, Supernatural Stories, The Devil Who Loves Me; first antho launch planned for August 2023), Reprints NO, Simultaneous OK, Multiple OK, check site for formatting specifics (12pt Georgia/Times New Roman, normal margins, double spaced, no headers, use three asterisks to indicate scene breaks and story end), https://grendelpress.com/anthology-submissions/

Infinite Horrors, 1500-5000 words, 8¢/word, Genre: Horror, Art OK ($75-$150 for commissioned, $30 for non-commissioned), Comics OK (seeking new, unpublished comic or graphic novel shorts of 4–10 pages at rates negotiated with the artist),  Reprints NO, Multiple NO, Simultaneous NO, send submissions to info@infinitehorrorsmagazine.com (note that they may not send a rejection notice; if 90 days have passed, consider the submission rejected),  https://www.infiniteworldsmagazine.com/submissions-faqs

Infinite Worlds, 1500-5000 words, 8¢/word, Genre: SF, Art OK ($75-$150 for commissioned, $30 for non-commissioned), Comics OK (seeking new, unpublished comic or graphic novel shorts of 4–10 pages at rates negotiated with the artist),  Reprints NO, Multiple NO, Simultaneous NO, send submissions to submissions@infiniteworldsmagazine.com (note that they may not send a rejection notice; if 90 days have passed, consider the submission rejected), https://www.infiniteworldsmagazine.com/submissions-faqs

Mangoprism, 1000-3000 words, 10¢/word, Genre: general, 
Reprints NO, Simultaneous NO, Multiple NO (one pitch/submission per month), Nonfiction and other (personal essays, cultural criticism, long-form interviews with interesting people, album, book, movie and product reviews, original reporting, radical political screeds, unexpected recipes), https://mangoprism.com/submissions/

Nanoism, ~140 characters (including spaces), $1.50/story, Genre/Theme: any (but most interested in literary stories with staying power), also open to serials (see details on site), submit one story/week, https://nanoism.net/submit/

Nashville Review, ~8000 words, $100/story (1-10¢/word), Genre: general/literary, Simultaneous OK, Multiple OK (1 story/novel excerpt; 1-3 flash pieces in of 1000 words each in one document), Creative Nonfiction OK (~8000 words), Poetry OK (1-3 poems in one document/submission; $25/poem), Art OK, opens September/January/May, https://as.vanderbilt.edu/nashvillereview/contact/submit

Neon Hemlock Press (anthology), Opulent Syntax: Irish Speculative Fiction, ~6000 words (best: 1000-4000), 8¢/word, Genre: speculative (SF/F/H/hybrid/alt-history/weird/slipstream/utopian/dystopian/less definable) Theme: works exploring Irish identity (including immigrant, Irish Traveler/Minceir, queer/trans), Limited: open to any resident on the island of Ireland and to Irish people living anywhere, https://www.neonhemlock.com/submissions

Orion's Belt, under 1200 words (not including title and byline), 8¢/word, Genre: literary speculative (must contain significant speculative elements), Poetry OK, Art OK, Reprints NO, Simultaneous NO, Multiple OK (up to 2 times/month, submitted separately; poetry up to 3/month), submit work to orionsbelt.submissions@gmail.com, https://www.orions-belt.net/submissions *currently open 3/1-9/1/2023

Planet Scumm, 5000 words, 6¢/word, Genre: SF and other (Hard sci-fi, soft sci-fi, sci-fi that melts in your mouth-brain not your hand-brain Speculative fiction, weird fiction, slipstream), Note: currently closed (might open to subs in early 2023), https://www.planetscumm.space/submit

Plenitude Magazine, ~5000 words, $80 CAD/story (so about 5¢/word for ~1000 words), Genre/Theme: queer literary, Simultaneous OK, Multiple OK, Poetry OK (up to five pages; $35 CAD/poem), limited to LGBTQ2S+ writers, also from May 1 until October 1 limited to Canadian writers, https://plenitudemagazine.ca/submit/submissionguidelines/

PodCastle, ~6000 words (3000-4500 best), 8¢/word, Genre: Fantasy, Simultaneous & Multiple OK, Reprints ($100 for >1500 words, $20/flash), open 11/1-11/31 and closed from December 2021, https://podcastle.org/guidelines/

Pseudopod, 1500-6000 words (prefer about 4500; also flash under 1500 welcome), 8¢/word (reprints of flash at $20), Genre/Theme: any horror for audio, Simultaneous OK (but with disclosure!), Multiple OK (one original and one reprint), Open 3/1-8/31 for Anthologies and Collections, Open 8/10-8/31 for Flash Fiction Contest, currently closed until 2/28/2022, https://pseudopod.org/submissions/

Pulp Literature, ~40000 (~5000 best), 5-8¢/word (up to 7000 words), Seeking: any genre or between-genre, poetry, comics, illustration, and open to novel queries in Jan/July, Poetry (up to 3 poems or 5 pages w/ $25-$50), https://pulpliterature.com/submissions/submission-guidelines/

Rattle, any length of poem, $100/$200 (online/print), Genre/Theme: any poetry, Reprints NO, Simultaneous OK, Multiple OK (up to four poems at a time), anonymous (no contact info on submitted file), https://rattle.submittable.com/submit

Reckoning, ~20,000 words, 10¢/word ($30/page for poems), Genre/Theme: SF/F/general creative writing and art about environmental justice ("the fiction we publish is mostly, but not exclusively, speculative; the nonfiction is more creative than journalistic, the poetry tends towards the narrative, preferably with some thematic heft, the visual art leans away from the pulpy towards the surreal, subversive, political" and each issue has a specific theme), Reprints NO, Simultaneous OK, Poetry OK (prefers multiple 3-5 poems of <10 pages, but send only one if longer; $50), Art OK ($50), https://reckoning.press/submit/

Shrapnel: The BattleTech Magazine, 3000-5000 words, 5¢/word, Genre: primarily military SF, Theme: character-oriented stories set in any era of BattleTech, Reprints NO (will not accept anything publicly available), Simultaneous NO, Multiple NO, owned universe (i.e. "you retain no rights to any of the characters, settings, or “ideas” detailed in your story"),  https://pulsepublishingsubmissions.moksha.io/publication/shrapnel-the-battletech-magazine-fiction/guidelines

Small Wonders, ~1000 words, 8 cents/word, Genre: SF/F/H (speculative w/ elements not of this world; fav stories don’t rely on twist/gotcha ending; loves stories with “big feelings” and doesn’t mind “set pieces with very little plot”, Reprints OK, Poetry OK (any line count, $50; mostly wants narrative poems, appreciates playful language and big feelings), Art OK ($125, reprint art for covers, send 1-3 potential pieces), Simultaneous OK, Multiple OK (1 original and 1reprint; up to 3 poems), https://smallwondersmag.com/submissions/

Smokelong Quarterly, ~1000 words, $50/piece, Genre: literary (language that surprises and excites; narratives that strive toward something other than a final punch line or twist; pieces that add up to profound or emotionally resonant honest work that feels as if it has far more purpose than a writer wanting to write a story), Simultaneous OK, http://www.smokelong.com/submissions/guidelines/

Solarpunk Magazine, 1500-7500 words (also ~250 words microfiction windows), 8¢/word ($100 min), Genre: speculative solarpunk ("speculative elements should be apparent but not dominating; our disbelief suspended not by necessity, but immersion. Any genre of science fiction, interstitial fiction, magic realism, or fantasy has potential as a solarpunk forum—we welcome robots and elves with equal excitement"), Theme: any solarpunk or further specified for some window/upcoming issues, Reprints NO (except for translations previously published in a language other than English, and art), Simultaneous OK, Multiple (one per category of flash/short story/poetry), Translations OK, Microfiction OK (~250 words, $25, sub during quarterly windows), Poetry OK ($40/poem, send up to 5 poems or 5 pages of poems, prefers anonymous submissions), Nonfiction OK ($75/essay, 1000-2000 words, always open to submissions), Art OK (cover: $200 original/$100 reprint; interior: $100 original/$50 reprint), submit via Moksha portal,  https://solarpunkmagazine.com/submissions/

Split Lip Magazine, ~3000 words, $50 (so 5¢/word for ~1000 word stories), Simultaneous OK, Poetry OK (1/period), free submission months (Jan / Mar / May / Aug / Sep / Nov) https://splitlipthemag.com/submit

Strange Horizons, ~10,000 words (~5000 best), 10¢/word, Genre: speculative (broadly defined), Poetry (up to 6 poems at a time, in same file OK, $50/poem), Art OK (email, see website), Nonfiction OK (email, see website), Simultaneous NO, http://strangehorizons.com/submit/fiction-submission-guidelines/, will reopen at some point in 2023 (last opened on 10/3-10/5/2022) 

Terraform, ~2000 words, 20¢/word, Genre: SF, Theme: nearer future fiction of any form ("classic-style SF short stories, social media posts from beyond the horizon, fictive data dumps, experimental graphic narratives, and so on"), submit to terraform.motherboard@gmail.com,  https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/kbzxpa/how-to-submit-stories-to-terraform

The Antihumanist, ~1000 words, 5¢/word, Genre: any genre that fits the theme, Theme: fiction that "challenges human centred narratives" and "forces us to confront our place in the universe," Simultaneous OK, https://theantihumanists.com/fiction-submissions/

The Arcanist, ~1000 words, 10¢/word, Genre: Fantasy/SF/Horror, Simultaneous OK, Multiple OK (sub up to three at a time), Note: seeking great characters with complete stories, https://thearcanist.io/sa-call-for-submissions-244f646d25a4/

The Cincinnati Review, ~10,000 words, about 10¢/word (specifically $25/page), Genre: general/literary, Poetry OK ($30/page), Simultaneous OK, three submissions windows (opening the 1st of September, December, and May and closing at the end of the month or when they reach a cap on submissions), https://www.cincinnatireview.com/submission-guidelines-2021/

The Cosmic Background (opens 1/4/2024 and may close during future unscheduled periods), ~1,000 words (may consider slightly longer), 8¢/word, genre: slipstream ("means we like your stories that don't make a ton of sense"), reprints ok (3¢/word), sim ok, multiple no, guidelines here (https://www.thecosmicbackground.com/guidelines) and submit here (https://www.thecosmicbackground.com/submit-here)

The Dark, 2000-6000 words, 6¢/word, Genre: horror / dark fantasy / experimental,  https://www.thedarkmagazine.com/submission-guidelines/

The Deadlands, ~5000 words (best: 3k-4k), 10¢/word, Genre/Theme: speculative (that "concerns itself with death–but also everything death may involve"), reprints OK (~5000 words, 1¢/word), sim no, multiple no (only one submission total), poetry OK (up to 3 poems/submission; $50), nonfiction OK (1-4k words, $100/essay), art OK ($100/cover art), send via Moksha portal in standard formatting (no address needed), wait 7 days after a rejection before subbing again, 
closes to all authors but BIPOC during December, https://thedeadlands.com/guidelines/

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, ~25,000 words, 8-12 cents/word, Genre: F/SF/H (speculative element may be slight but should be present), Poetry OK (send 3-5 poems/submission), Art & Cartoons OK (send sample/queries to Gordon Van Gelder), send to Sheree RenĂ©e Thomas, wait 21 days between submissions, https://fandsf.moksha.io/publication/fsf/guidelines

The No Sleep Podcast, 1200-2000 words at 5¢/word (1200-2499 = $100; 2500+ words = $150), Genre/Theme: must be horror and adapt well to audio (should be first person with some exceptions, good audio cues and dialogue), Reprints NO, Simultaneous OK (but immediately https://www.thenosleeppodcast.com/submissions

The Paris Review, ~40000 words, payment unknown (sources suggest up to $1000, though others list as non-paying), Genre: general/literary, Reprints NO, Simultaneous OK, Multiple NO ("do not submit more twice/year"; open March and September), Poetry OK (no more than six/submission, sub no more than twice/year; open until cap in January, April, July, October), Translations OK, https://www.theparisreview.org/about/submissions

The Razor, ~2000 words, $100/story, genre: general/literary, sim ok, anonymous submissions, nonfiction ok, https://v2.writingclasses.com/magazines/the-razor

The Strand Magazine, 1000-2000 words at 5¢/word (1000-6000 words at $100-150), Genre/Theme: mysteries/detective/terror/supernatural, https://strandmag.com/guidelines/

Thirteen, any word count, 1-5¢/word (~1000 words = 5¢/word; 1000-40,000 words = 1-2¢/word), Genre: horror (an audio-drama podcast specializing in "slow-burn atmospheric horror and ghost stories"), submissions formatted as a script have a better chance of selection, first person central narrator with supporting characters work best, reprints ok ("as long you have the rights and it isn't in audio"), sim no, multiple no, https://thirteenpodcast.com/submit-a-story

Three-Lobed Burning Eye, 500-1000 words ($30), 1001-7500 ($100; 1000-2000 = 5¢/word), Genre: speculative (especially horror or dark fantasy; prefers hybrid or weird), https://www.3lobedmag.com/submissions.html

Threepenny Magazine, ~4000 words, $400/story, Genre: general/literary, Reprints NO, Simultaneous NO, Multiple NO (except for poetry), Poetry OK (100 lines or less, send up to five in one document, $200/poem), Critical Articles (1200-2500 words, $400), Memoir OK (~4000 words, $400), Table Talk Items (~1000 words, $200), submit via online submissions form, https://www.threepennyreview.com/submissions/

Triangle House Review, ~40,000 words, $50 (~1000 words = about 5¢/word), Genre: general/literary, Limited: writers who have never been published, https://www.triangle.house/review/masthead

Uncharted Magazine, 1000-5000 words, 4-10¢/word ($200/story), Genre: SF/Fantasy/Horror/Thriller, Simultaneous OK, https://uncharted.submittable.com/submit

Raven Canticle Press* (Valravn and other anthologies), 3000-10,000 words, 10¢/word (w/ bonus payouts based on crowdfunding/sales; also seeking 15,000-80,000 word novellas/novels paid through advances/royalties), Genre: horror / fantasy / fantasy / espionage / thriller / SF (strongly prefer horror/dark/gothic set in any genre), Reprints NO, Multiple NO (1/quarter), *closed to submissions until further notice (see update on https://www.ravencanticlepress.com/an-update-carried-on-raven-wings-and-an-apology/)

Vector, 1000-6000 words, Genre: nonfiction (non-academic articles of 1000-3500 words, academic articles of 3500-6000 words, interviews / roundtables, conference reports, reviews, queries from prospective guest editors and advertisers), Query: vector.submissions@gmail.com, https://vector-bsfa.com/submit/

Voyage, ~6000 words, $200/story, Genre: YA/General, Simultaneous OK,  https://voyage.submittable.com/submit

Zooscape, ~10,000 words, 8¢/word, Genre/Theme: any furry SF/F (must feature an anthropomorphic animal figure), Reprints OK (~10,000 words, $20), Simultaneous OK, Multiple NO (query), submit to zooscape.zine@gmail.com (subject line: “SUBMISSION: Title, Word Count"), https://zooscape-zine.com/guidelines/ —rescheduled December 2023 window to sometime in 2024

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 Deadlines or windows that pay 1-4¢/word

1/1-2/28, New Myths, ~10k words, 3¢/word (min payment of $50 for all submissions), genre: speculative, reprints no, sim ok, multiple no, poetry ok, nonfiction ok (book reviews of 500-1000 words, $50/review), art ok ($80), email subs to editor@newmyths.com,  https://sites.google.com/newmyths.com/newmyths-com-home/submissions

2/28, Inked in Gray: Affection, women of color only, ~8000 words, $45, genre: adult/YA fantasy and SF (low fantasy/SF okay), theme: affection

2/13-2/26 BSFA Anthology: Fission 4, ~5000 words, £0.02/word, SF (genre-bending stories welcome), don’t need to be a BSFA member

2/29 Parsec Ink: Triangulation – Hospitium, ~5000 words (~3000 is best), 3¢/word, genre: SF / fantasy / weird / speculative horror, theme: hospitium (”a Greco-Roman concept of hospitality, where both the guest and host have an obligation to treat the other with kindness and respect, regardless of external quarrels”), poetry ok (~100 lines; $0.25/line)

3/1, Shadowtouched (reopened anthology window so may close early), 3500-10k words, pay not listed (my writer friend was paid $50CAD the two times they were published in their anthologies), genre: fantasy/SF, theme: stories that feature an agent of subterfuge (thieves, assassins, vigilantes, agents of darkness, etc.; “characters that cheat, bend the rules, or ‘borrow’ goods, as well as poisonings, hoaxes, and elaborate schemes”, reprints no, sim ok, multiple ok (no max), email stories to submissions@ardentdawnpublishing.com (subject line: Your Name + title of story + ST ANTHOLOGY; to include: a standard greeting; a separate title page with your real name, the name of your work, word count total, and your pen name; anonymous submission in a separate document; a short description of your work and why it is a good fit for the anthology; your bio ~350-word bio; social media links; sign off with preferred name), formatting should be 12 pt times new roman (1.5 space, 0.6cm indent, 1” margins, footer with your page number, header with your work’s name), https://www.ardentdawnpublishing.com/submissions-for-anthologies-zasrapress

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4. Publications that are generally open and pay 1-4¢/word

Allegory, any word count (best: 500-5000 words), $15/story, Genre: SF/F/H, submit to submissions@allegoryezine.com (check specific subject heading and email content), Note: first readers often give feedback, editor Ty Drago,  https://www.allegoryezine.com/submissions

Black Hare Press, 5000-17,000 words, $25 (5k-10k), $50 (10k-17k), Genre: anything dark, anonymous submissions, wants British spellings, anthology in print and digital formats, email submissions (include name, pseudonym, ~100 word bio w/ ~4 social links, 40-word blurb, ~500-word synopsis), https://www.blackharepress.com/submissions/

Bourbon Penn, 2000-7500 words, 3¢/word, Genre: speculative (odd/imaginative ones), especially slipstream/cross-genre/magic realism/absurdist/surreal,  https://www.bourbonpenn.com/submissions

Bullet Points, 100-5,000 words, $30, Genre/Theme: speculative military fiction sensitive to the complexity/tragedy/hope of warfare/violence in human/nonhuman society, 
Reprints OK ($20, longer word count okay), https://www.nathantoronto.com/bulletpoints/submissions

Crow Toes Quarterly, ~3000 words, $25 (1-1500 words) or $50 (1501-3000 words), Genre: playfully dark fiction for children ages 8-13, Poetry OK (1-5 pieces in a single doc/pdf; $20/poem), Art OK (1-5 pieces; $20-60), Simultaneous OK, Multiple NO, submit to ctqsubmissions@gmail.com with brief bio (subject line: submission type, submission title, artist/author name), https://www.crowtoesquarterly.org/submit

Dark Moon Digest, 1500-7000 words, 3¢/word, Genre: Horror (complex/creepy like Twilight Zone or Black Mirror), Simultaneous OK, opens the 1st every month (closes when full), https://darkmoondigest.submittable.com/submit

Dream of Shadows, ~1500 words, £20, Genre: Horror/Fantasy, Link: https://www.dreamofshadows.co.uk/submission-guidelines

The Fiddlehead, $60 CAD per published page, Genre: fiction (including excerpts from novels), Creative nonfiction OK, Art OK, Limited: Canadians, 
https://thefiddlehead.ca/submit *CLOSED temporarily to most submissions

Flash Point Science Fiction, 100-1000 words, $15/story, Genre: speculative (F/SF, slipstream, other), details at the link: https://flashpointsf.com/submissions/

GigaNotoSaurus, 5,000-25,000 words, $100, Genre: F/SF (any combination of the genres), English Translations OK, Reprints NO, Simultaneous NO, Multiple NO, submit via Moksha submissions portal, https://giganotosaurus.org/submission-guidelines/

Guilty Crime Story Magazine, 1000-6000 words (sweet spot = 3k-4k), $10/story, Non-Fiction OK (~1500 words w/ 500-750 preferred, $5/article, pitch first), Art OK ($15/cover art; $10/interior art), submit to guiltycrimemag@gmail.com, Link: https://www.guiltycrimemag.com/submissions.html?fbclid=IwAR0FDEJzyTifZgXC9TBjnrDZNzVc06eEOuIyFR8LB1NG_ftgEEDQkuGX2_o

Habitats Magazine, 1000-6000 words, 10/word, Genre/Theme: optimistic and uplifting SF, Reprints NO, Simultaneous NO, Multiple NO, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/samuelcooke/habitats-magazine-optimistic-science-fiction/posts/3701085, CLOSED 1/4/2023

Hexagon Magazine, ~10,000 words, 1¢ CAD/word, Genre: speculative (in English or French), reprints no, sim no, multiple no, comics ok ($100CAD/page for comics of 1-5 pages), sub via submission portal in modern format with no address needed, open to subs for first 7 days of every second month (January, March, May, July, September, November), https://hexagonmagazine.ca/submit/

Interzone, 2,000-17,500 words, EUR 1.5¢/word. Genre: fantastika (including horror), Theme: stories that find new ways to recognise the world and change it (stories that trespass genre lines; stories that are fantastic). Reprints NO, Simultaneous OK, Multiple NO. submit to submissions@interzone.press, Link: https://interzone.press/submissions/

Interzone Digital, ~7,000 words, EUR 1.5¢/word, Genre: SF/F, Reprints NO, Multiple NO, Simultaneous OK, submit w/ attached Word document to submissions@interzone.digital, don’t sub to IZ Digital if rejected for print edition (will already have considered that option), Link: https://interzone.digital/story-submissions/

Lady Churchill 's Rosebud Wristlet, any word count, Genre: F/SF/general (trends toward but not limited to speculative), 3¢/word, only accepts paper submissions (no email), Poetry OK ($10/poem), Art OK, details at the link: https://smallbeerpress.com/about/submission-guidelines/

Metaphorosis Magazine, 1000-10,000 words, 1¢/word, Genre: SF/F, Reprints NO, Simultaneous OK, Multiple OK, https://metaphorosis.moksha.io/publication/2/guidelines

Mythic, 2000-6000 words, 4¢/word, F/SF, general submissions open 6/1-7/31 and 12/1-1/31, Link: 
Perpetual Motion Machine, ~1500 words, $25/story, Genre: Horror (complex/creepy like Twilight Zone or Black Mirror), Link: https://pmmpublishing.submittable.com/submit/34164/perpetual-flash-fiction

Orca Lit, ~8000 words (query for longer), $50 for 2500 words or more ($25 for under 2500 words), submission free for first 100 subs each month ($3 otherwise), poetry ok (no pay listed), reprints no, sim ok, multiple ok (only one short story sub or three flash fiction subs in one file; can also sub to each category at the same time), https://orcalit.com/literary-speculative-issue-guidelines/

Pressfuls, 2000-5000 words (3¢/word), 20,000-45,000 words (35% royalties), Genre: F/SF/H/Crime/Mystery, Simultaneous NO, Multiple NO, Reprints NO, submit to submissions@pressfuls.com, Editor-in-Chief: Roban Bandojo, https://pressfuls.com/about/

Radon Journal, ~3000 words, 2¢/word, Genre/Theme: SF / anarchism / transhumanism / dystopia (no fantasy and wants leftist social commentary), reprints ok, sim ok, multiple, poetry ok (sub up to five poems in a single document, no line limit, pays $20/original, $10/reprint, single-spaced 12 pt), art ok ($100 cover, $30 back cover, $20 art on site), sub via submittable, submissions open year-round (reading periods 8/16-12/15, 12/16-4/15, 4/16-8/15), https://www.radonjournal.com/submit

Seize the Press, ~3500 words, 3 pence(GBP)word, Genre: bleak SF/dark fantasy/Horror, Theme: seeking dark, transgressive speculative (no moralizing and no happy endings), Reprints NO, Multiple OK, Simultaneous OK, Nonfiction pitches (£50.00 GBP ), https://www.seizethepress.com/submissions/

Star Ship Sofa (District of Wonders), 3000-9000, 1¢/word (less if 7500-9000 words), Genre: SF, Reprints OK, Simultaneous OK, Note: buying audio rights only, Link:  http://www.starshipsofa.com/submissions/

Sci-Fi Lampoon, ~7500 words, $5, Genre/Theme: humorous speculative, Simultaneous OK, also seeking art and lampoon ads, Multiple OK, Link: http://scifilampoon.com/submissions/

Scrawl Place, ~900 words, $35/piece, Genre: any content/style/form (fiction, poetry, hybrids, creative nonfiction), Theme: pieces about or connected to a specific physical place that someone could visit, Simultaneous OK, Multiple OK (1-3 pieces at a time), Reprints OK, Link: https://scrawlplace.submittable.com/submit

Simultaneous Times Podcast (from Space Cowboy Books), $10/story, submit a high quality wav. file via wetransfer.com (or follow guidelines on their page if you cannot record your story), Link: https://spacecowboybooks.blogspot.com/p/writer-submissions.html?view=sidebar

Starward Shadows, 500-1500 words, 1¢/word, Genre: any speculative (especially the following: Cosmic Horror, Sword and Sorcery, Sword and Planet, High/Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos inspired tales, Gothic Horror, Space Opera, Dark Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, New Weird, Grimdark, Slipstream, and Cyberpunk), Reprints NO, Simultaneous OK, Multiple OK, https://starwardshadows.com/submissions/

Tales to Terrify, 2,000-10,000 words, 1¢/word, Genre: Horror, Link:  https://talestoterrify.com/submissions/

The Colored Lens, ~20,000 words, 1-2¢/word, Genre: speculative, Link:  http://thecoloredlens.com/?page_id=137752

The Common Tongue Magazine, 600-6000 words, 3¢/word, Genre: high fantasy with a dark tone (dark fantasy, grimdark, sword & sorcery), Languages: English or Spanish, Translation OK, Poetry OK (~40 lines), Note: seeking original stories or stories set in their Arthuruin Shared Universe, Nonfiction OK (~2500 words, 3¢/word), Art OK ($200-400), Link:  https://www.commontonguezine.com/submission-guidelines/

The Great Void Books, 4,000-15,000 words (website/anthologies), $5 or royalties (whichever is greater; royalties = 40% net profit divided equally among the contributors of that anthology), Genre: F/SF/H/Crime/ Mystery/Romance, Theme: varies by anthology, Reprints OK, Simultaneous OK, Multiple OK (up to 3 at a time), see deadlines for semi-pro for current anthology windows, Link: https://www.tgvb.in/submissions/

Three-Lobed Burning Eye, 500-1000 words ($30), 1001-7500 words ($100), Genre: speculative (esp. horror/dark fantasy; also prefers hybrid/weird), Link:  https://www.3lobedmag.com/submissions.html

Utopia, 100-5000 words, 4¢/words, Genre/Theme: different theme each issue (accepts stories that do not match theme; matching theme increases chances of selection), Reprints NO, Poetry OK ($5/short poem; $10/long poem), Nonfiction OK, Art OK, Simultaneous OK, Multiple NO, submit to Editor-in-Chief Tristan Everts, Fiction Editor: Angie, Link:  https://www.utopiasciencefiction.com/submit

Welkin: A Magazine of Fantastic Literature, any word count, 1¢/word (~1500 words unpaid, Reprints OK (flash only but no pay), Art OK ($50/issue), Simultaneous OK, Submission periods: March/ July/ October/ January (open to flash fiction year-round), Link: https://welkinmag.com/submit/?fbclid=IwAR1jImN0wwLpkOcmsKEDe4GuL7ScXwa3rGrCNcf-8Q3k8CqAk7hLjoFIUvM

5. Publications that only pay royalties/advance

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 6. Publications that offer no pay

The Paris Review, ~40000 words, payment unknown (sources suggest up to $1000, though others list as non-paying), Genre: general/literary, Reprints NO, Simultaneous OK, Multiple NO ("do not submit more twice/year"; open March and September), Poetry OK (no more than six/submission, sub no more than twice/year; open until cap in January, April, July, October), Translations OK, https://www.theparisreview.org/about/submissions

7. Search for more markets

Angelique Fawns posts open calls every month here

Horror Tree: recent markets with a calendar to help keep track, interviews, and more

Publishing...and Other Forms of Insanity offers a ton of lists containing agents, calls for submission, contests, conferences, recipes, and more

S. Kalekar (authorspublish.com) lists plenty of places to submit stories, such as this March 2023 post

Erica Verrillo publishes lists of monthly deadlines. Here's the August 2023 list: https://curiosityneverkilledthewriter.com/80-calls-for-submissions-in-august-2023-paying-markets-ea0faf5440f1

The Submissions Grinder: a submission tracker and market database that is free to use for all; very helpful in tracking submissions and scanning data on publications

Duotrope: a submission tracker and market database that requires a paid subscription for full usage; it does go into more depth than Grinder though not by much based on my brief trial subscription

Ralan.com provides up-to-date speculative markets and advice *sadly, Ralan closed after 20+ years

Write Jobs: a mixed bag of good and meh meh meh jobs, as well as markets, contests, etc.

50 Magazines and Anthologies That Pay for Horror Fiction: a decent list with speculative focus

Where to Submit Short Stories: 30 Magazines and Websites That Want Your Work: a decent list with a literary focus

SFWA Market Report: reports on changes to the speculative market compiled by David Steffen, such as this March 2023 report and these archives from previous months; only includes publication opportunities that "pay $0.08/word in at least one category of fiction" 

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8.  Writing-related links

Shadowspinners often has a wonderful assortment of blog posts from various writers, such as Eric M. Witchey.

M. Todd Gallowglas does some fun and engaging classes that really inspire you to produce meaningful new work, including a monthly reading group; check out his live streams and workshops

Wulf Moon's Super Secrets: a ton of great advice on writing short stories that win (he runs a workshop that you can peek in on and learn from as it goes)

Wulf Moon also has great workshops at Fyrecon, and is available as a professional editor and voice actor; check out his website for more info

Cat Rambo's Website: lots of good resources and classes

Submitting Short Fiction: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Genre Edition by Holly Lyn Walrath, a useful guide on playing the submission game written in 2019

Grants to apply for with the Speculative Literature Foundation

A listing at critter.org that shows general response times of various publications

Publisher's Pick Free Ebook of the Month (Maintained by Arc Manor of Galaxy's Edge)

On writing cover letters for submissions to the short fiction market by Christiehttps://arcmanorpublishers.moksha.io/publication/the-mike-resnick-memorial-award

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