Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Excerpt from a short story draft

I joined a writing course as of May 20th. It's called Writing The First Novel and is an online course taught by Dennis Foley (you can see a list of his courses here: Thus far, we've only gone over introductions and the basic structure of the course, but I am excited about the creative energy I have already observed in the other students and in the teacher as well. Here's to hoping the rest of the course is suitably instructive and inspiring.

As a refresher, I started reading through the Scrivener folders which contain the latest versions of my novel. Forgot how much was in there! It also reminded me of the background to a short story I wrote more recently. My sister sent me the postcard posted below last month and challenged me to write a short story based loosely off the pictured scene, letting it take me wherever my creative, fantastical musings took me.